[Beowulf] Cluster quote

Ivan Oleynik iioleynik at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 21:54:31 PST 2008

I know that many readers of this forum work for cluser vendors. Therefore, I
am sending this email to get some responses from interested parties.

I am going to purchase a computational cluster very soon (by the end of this
year) and would like to get a quote for the configuration:

36 compute nodes (no dedicated master node),

node config:  2x AMD Shanghai Opteron 2380, 2.5 GHz CPUs per node, 8 GB
(2x4) DDR2 667 GHz memory, 250 GB HD, IPMI, Infiniband DDR card.

Networking: 36 port Infiniband DDR switch (Melanox, not interested in
expensive Qlogic), 48 port managed Gigabit switch

Rack: standard size, 3 simple PDUs (no expensive network managed)

I would appreciate receiving your quotes asap.

Best wishes,

Ivan Oleynik
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