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Dan.Kidger at quadrics.com wrote:
> If I had that much money, I too would try and buy a Nobel Prize in preference to a yacht.
> D.
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> I've been to a couple of DE Shaw talks and I always come away puzzled.
> It's tempting to conclude that they are just smarter than I am, but
> maybe they are just wrong.
> My understanding is they are building a special purpose molecular
> dynamics machine because it will be far faster than a general purpose
> machine programmed to do MD.
> In principle this might work, if you get the problem statement right,
> and you can design and build the machine before the general purpose
> machines catch up, and you don't make any mistakes, and after it is
> built you can keep designing new ones.  In practice it always seems to
> take longer than you expected and cost more, and maybe that 7 bit ALU
> really has to be changed to an 8 bit ALU to keep the precision up.

The MDGrape guys might have a thing or three to say.  They have been 
demonstrating some pretty awesome performance for years.

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