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I too had an interview with DE Shaw Research a while back before I took up my current position
At the time they did not have a UK office, and moving to NY was out of the question for me.

In recent times they have been more open - and even gave a Keynote talk at this years' ISC in Dresden.
As presented, they are designing custom hardware for computational chemistry.
The aim is not how many teraflops they can do, but how quickly they can do each timestep of the simulation (irrespective of the molecule size).
Since to model reactions with computation chemistry you need billions of timesteps - simulations would take months/years of wallclock - even for a tiny molecule.
The target is to push down the wallclock of a single timestep from say 1ms wallclock to perhaps 0.1us.  With current interconnects being no better than 1us latency this must be quite a challenge.


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2008/12/5 Robert G. Brown <rgb at phy.duke.edu<mailto:rgb at phy.duke.edu>>

He has had ads in computer magazines -- at least small ads in the back
-- for years and years.  Usually for physicists and mathematicians.  One
of the few people it looked like it would be interesting to work for,
I was very interested in working for DE Shaw - they have an office in London, and it would
have been an easy commute for me. It sounded an interesting place to work, and they obviously
have some very bright people there.
Sadly I didn't make it past the application stage. Que sera sera.
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