[Beowulf] Second source for IB switch silicon

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Tue Dec 2 13:25:29 PST 2008

As you folks probably know, there is only 1 source for InfiniBand
switch silicon today. When IB was first mooted, several companies
built switch silicon, but only 2 made it to market, and now only
Mellanox makes switch chips. One of the startups doing an IB switch
had just gotten their first chip samples back when Intel dropped out
of IB, so the startup never powered on the chip. This startup was
subsequently bought by QLogic, and did several generations of Fibre
Channel switch chips, including some pretty big ones.

Well, QLogic announced at SC that they're going to be producing IB
switch silicon. No announcement of a ship date, but it'll be nice to
have a second source for both HCAs and switches.

-- greg

Disclaimer: I used to work for QLogic, but don't have any financial
interest in them anymore.

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