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Lucas Schnorr lucas.schnorr at imag.fr
Tue Sep 25 01:35:48 PDT 2007

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From: Nicolas Maillard <nicolas at inf.ufrgs.br>
Date: 24 sept. 2007 22:13
Subject: [Sbc-l] Open Contest of Parallel Programming - SBAC'07

Dear colleagues,

we are glad to announce the first Open Contest of Parallel Programming,
together with the SBAC-PAD'07 conference, to be held in Gramado, RS,
Brazil, between the 24th and 27th of October. The Open Contest is
sponsored by SUN Microsystems Brazil.

Basically, the concurrents have one month, up to the conference, in
order to provide a parallel version of the Traveling Salesman Problem.
The parallel implementations will be tested and run by the organizers on
a cluster, and the most efficient parallel programs will be awarded. The
first prize is a Sun Ultra 20 Workstation.

The complete specification of the problem and all the details of the
Open Contest can be found at:

The web site of the SBAC conference is: http://www.sbc.org.br/sbac/2007/

Looking forward to your participation,

    Nicolas Maillard e Benhur Stein

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