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Loic Tortay tortay at cc.in2p3.fr
Sat Sep 15 00:47:59 PDT 2007

According to Chris Samuel:
> On Friday 14 September 2007 17:32:54 Loic Tortay wrote:
> > During the last HEPiX meeting, Peter Kelemen mentionned something told
> > to him by a ZFS developer (Jeff Bonwick, if I'm not mistaken) about
> > data corrupted by a Fibre Channel HBA during transfer between disk and
> > host.  ZFS, reportedly, detected (and corrected) the corruption.
> > Of course a ZFS developer may be biased.
> Could it have been this story by Eric Lowe ?
> http://blogs.sun.com/elowe/entry/zfs_saves_the_day_ta
I specifically remember it was a story involving a Fibre Channel HBA,
so this must be another story.

Your friend blog entry is also very interesting, although maybe a bit 
optimistic on the "no data corruption guarantee" unless he has 
pre-existing data checksums to confirm that.  That would be some 
"experimental" proof of ZFS error correction effectiveness.

> > I emailed the internal ZFS interest list with my saga, and quickly got a
> > response. Another user, also running a Tyan 2885 dual-Opteron workstation
> > like mine, had experienced data corruption with SATA disks. The root cause?
> > A faulty power supply.   
Interestingly enough, we had lots of silent data corruptions with Tyan 
288x motherboards and 3ware 8506 SATA RAID controllers (in late 2003 or
early 2004).

This was due to a bug in the 3ware controllers, that did not work 
reliably when installed in the PCI-X slots of the mainboard (it's in 
3ware publically available support knowledge base).

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