[Beowulf] Passwordless ssh - strange problem

laytonjb at charter.net laytonjb at charter.net
Fri Sep 14 10:50:12 PDT 2007

Let me see what I can do. Unfortunately I don't have a way to get
anything from the client to a machine with email access (long story,
but it's not my cluster :)  ).

But I looked at the permissions on the files in .ssh:

authorized_keys 600
id_dsa 600
id_dsa.pub 644
id_rsa 600
id_rsa.pub 644
known_hosts 644

Anything specific in /etc/ssh/*config I should look for? Someone asked
me about Preferred-something in /etc/ssh/sshd_config and I don't see
anything like that in the file (even greping on "grep -i pre").

Sorry I can't grab the data. I can always type it in if it's needed (I can
see it on a different screen but I can't copy the data over).



---- Scott Atchley <atchley at myri.com> wrote: 
> On Sep 14, 2007, at 1:14 PM, <laytonjb at charter.net>  
> <laytonjb at charter.net> wrote:
> > Checked that - it's 700.
> On original host (ssh from) and target (ssh to), tun:
> $ ls -al ~/.ssh
> also, try:
> $ ssh -vvv <target>
> Please post back with results and contents of /etc/ssh/*config.
> Scott 

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