[Beowulf] How is beowulf do parallel computing

Li, Bo libo at buaa.edu.cn
Fri Sep 14 07:32:19 PDT 2007

I think you have got some basic ideas about parallel computing. And now, you need two thing for your experiments. First is a job scheduler system like LSF or PBS on your beowulf, for free software, OPENPBS is OK. Secondly, you need message basic parallel supporting like MPI or OPENMP. Generally, on a board OPENMP is better and MPI will be better on a cluster. 
I hope it is helpful for you.
Li, Bo
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  Hello I'm very new in parallel computing. I'm studying parallel computing because  i have a  final assessment about parallel computing.
  Can anyone tell me  how is beowulf  do  parallel computing.
  Thank you.


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