[Beowulf] PGI single node licenses, PGI CDK and Clusters

Tom Elken tom.elken at qlogic.com
Fri Sep 7 11:20:06 PDT 2007

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> >But they just raised the limit for OpenMP also.
> AFAIK the limit in the current PGI version is 16 SMP threads, 
> what looks as absolutely enough for typical modern Beowulf clusters.

>From what I saw recently at the PGI web site, the 
Workstation version allowed 8 threads,
Server 16 threads.
I agree that both are enough for typical modern Beowulf clusters.

FWIW, any version of the PathScale Compiler has effectively no thread
(I think it's 256 threads).

Tom Elken

P.S.  I work for QLogic, which recently spun off PathScale LLC, so we no
longer are associated with that compiler.

> Mikhail Kuzminsky
> Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry
> Moscow
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