[Beowulf] PGI single node licenses, PGI CDK and Clusters

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Sep 6 14:37:00 PDT 2007

Am 06.09.2007 um 17:58 schrieb Capehart, William J:
> We are looking to upgrade our aged version of PGI CDK (Portland  
> Group Fortran and C family compilers) on our cluster.  However,  
> since we only compile our models on the master node we would like  
> to get a single node license for the master node without using the  
> CDK option and paying the CDK price (you can only enter our cluster  
> environment through the master node anyway rather than some  
> clusters where you can join and do your dogwork on any node).  We  
> would then compile MPICH and move onward.
The single node license is fine. With any parallel lib you can run as  
many processes as you want in the cluster. The limit is in the number  
of used cores inside a machine, if you use threads created by OpenMP.  
But they just raised the limit for OpenMP also.


-- Reuti
> We have heard some chatter that we can do this, and we have also  
> heard chatter that PGI single node compilers (even when run though  
> MPICH) are hobbled so that they can only be applied to 4 processors  
> (accounting for dual core systems).
> Obviously we’d rather not shell out big bucks for a PGI CDK kit  
> compiler that will only be compiling on one node.
> Does anyone have any experience or insight on this problem.
> Cheers and Thanks much!
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