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"Robert G. Brown" <rgb at phy.duke.edu> wrote:
Maybe we then correct again and again until we find something that
"works" -- isn't too costly, preserves function.  We all have the right
to bear arms, just not strapped to our belts when we ride on planes, not
fully automatic weapons we have mounted to the roofs of our SUVs when we
drive our kids to school.  We have the right to freedom of speech, but
not to shout fire in a theater or to express that freedom by publishing
photographs of children having sex with adults ("consensual" or not).
We have the right to liberty, but not if we use that liberty to rob, to
rape, to murder, to injure others.  I give up MY freedom to rob, rape,
or murder you if I can get away with it (always possible in the state of
nature, and we ALWAYS live in a state of nature!) in exchange for not
being robbed, raped, or murdered in exchange, and we agree to get
together and beat up anyone who tries to rob, rape or murder either one
of us (whether or not they are "stronger") because together we are
stronger and potentially meaner than they are.

Upon reading certain concepts or ideas that are exceptionally rational yet heretofore unknown or misunderstood, I have a great tendency to laugh.  I suppose it is a strange reaction not shared by most persons: to revere something so much that you laugh out loud, but I must say, the above truly and honestly made me laugh for sometime.  And then I took a nap, not just because I had run 19 miles with my team at 6:05 pace, but also because that had sent my previously misconstrued and over idealistic concept of "freedom" for a loop and my head needed some time to mull it all over :).  I must jump into the fire of a few more rants in the near future in hopes that I will learn half as much as this.

Much thanks,


P.S.  -  I hope I can contain myself someday if I have an urge to laugh upon the awe of my future wife bearing a child; I cannot imagine that one going well.

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