[Beowulf] best linux distribution

Buccaneer for Hire. buccaneer at rocketmail.com
Mon Oct 8 13:09:00 PDT 2007

When you have spent multi-millions of dollars writing
and maintaining internal code, one's options become
limited. Add to that the fact that we are in the
middle of a software/technique morph (as I have
mentioned in other posts) and you find you have to
make trade offs.

For most of our cluster we mostly stick with
Fedora-with the exception of a number high
availability Stratus boxes  that require RHEL.  These
we look at as more like black boxes. Almost all of our
disk nodes are Fedora 7 now-with the exception of a
few that are RHEL-with the understanding that
performance will not compare-and they don't. Compute
nodes are mostly Fedora also. New  commercial needs
means I am going to get a rack of 64 RHEL4 boxes into

My personal favorite?  My laptop runs Fedora 7.

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