[Beowulf] Network considerations for new generation cheap beowulfcluster

Peter St. John peter.st.john at gmail.com
Wed May 30 07:15:38 PDT 2007

Very interesting, thanks!
The CalTech project started in 81; TMC was founded in 82 (based on MIT work
that I think was more theoretical, than constructing an actual machine). So
the cometitive nature of the chronology adds drama to the story :-) but it
looks like the Cal project is more in the lines of Beowulfry, more of a
forebear, and there's the connection to JPL too. Very cool.

On 5/29/07, Patrick Geoffray <patrick at myri.com> wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> Jim Lux wrote:
> > At 10:52 AM 5/23/2007, Peter St. John wrote:
> >> But oh and Jim if you recall any papers about this I could read that
> >> would be "Jim" Dandy.
> > I seem to recall that if you google hypercube and intel, you'll turn up
> > some of the papers that were written early on.  The guys who started
> > with the hypercube interconnect were at CalTech, as I recall, and spun
> > off to form a supercomputer company embodying that, which Intel also
> > adopted.
> There is a nice historical section about it on Netlib:
> http://www.netlib.org/utk/lsi/pcwLSI/text/node13.html
> Patrick
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