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Peter St. John peter.st.john at gmail.com
Tue May 29 12:19:48 PDT 2007

Hola Juan,
I am sure you will get interesting and helpful answers soon from the
experts, but I want to clarify (hacerse mas claro) some language.

"...the quantity of money that every group have to contribute..."

I think you mean, your concern is the quanity of money that each group
should contribute; your concern is charging accounts equitably. Your
sentence could also be read, "the quantity of money that each group **must**
contribute" as if your concern were minimizing cost. You intend "contrubir
igualmente" and not "contrubir a lo menos", correct? I'm sorry my Spanish is
not idiomatic.

Also, by

"computacion bajo demanda" I think you mean "minimum compuation demand" but
not "maximum compuation allocated"; I think I would charge something for the
maximum requested (if job uses more CPU then it is stopped) as well as
actual CPU used, but I am no expert.

I hope I have made the language a little clearer, instead of worse :-)

Por favor, pregunteme cerca de la lengua si puedo ayudar, pero hay varios
aqui' quienes escribir los ambos mejor que yo. Claro :-)

Buena suerte,

On 5/28/07, Juan Camilo Hernandez <camilo.hernandez at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi list
> we are starting a project about an assembly of a Beowilf cluster
> between several research groups at the University where I am studying,
> We have had some prblems, but mainly for the quantity of money that
> every group have to contribute for administrative and manteniance
> cost.
> The idea that we have is that every gruop contribute with a quantity
> of money depending of their use of the flops in the cluster, someting
> as "computacion bajo demanda"
> I would like to ask you: Do you think is this one, the best option to
> mesure the cluster user  use to be able to proced to charge to every
> user?
> Could you let me knoe which software can I use to be able to carry on
> this kinf of control?
> Do you have any suggest or recommendation?
> Thak you very much.
> Best regards.
> --
> Juan Camilo Hernandez D.
> Investigador Asistente
> GIGAX - http://www.gigax.org
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