[Beowulf] Special queue PBS

Marc Noguera Julian marc at klingon.uab.cat
Fri May 25 18:51:50 PDT 2007

Hi Victor,
You can use acl_hosts. In qmgr :

set queue your_queue acl_hosts="special.node01,special.node02,special.node.03"
while setting acl_hosts_enable to false
These will enable queue to node mapping, see:

another option you have, which I prefer, is to set a special property to the
nodes that are special. Again, using qmgr:

set node special.node01 properties = special
set node special.nodeNN properties = special

Once that is done, do, in qmgr:

set queue special.queue resources_default.neednodes= special

where special.queue is the queue you want to be used. Note that this will only
work in later versions of Torque/OpenPBS (2.1.6 and later but I am not sure
about this). 

Hope this helps. BTW, are you subscribed to the torque/PBS userlist? I guess
it would be useful for you.


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> Hi,
> I have a little problem...
> My cluster (12 nodes) have four special nodes,
> How do you create a queue thats permits run only in the special nodes???
> I use Torque/ PBS
> Thanks!!!
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