[Beowulf] cold cathode fluorescent backlighting

julia howard juliarachelhoward at googlemail.com
Fri May 25 12:14:35 PDT 2007

Not having an Electronics background my questions may seem naive.  However
as the following issues give me concern I should very much appreciate it if
they could be sorted out with some reliable knowledge.

Firstly, do Liquid Crystal Display TV or computer monitors emit any ionizing
I f the LCD screenbecomes damaged through the inadvertent use of the wrong
typed of cleaner or by using any abrasive cloth  could it expose one to
increased ionizing radiation?

Regarding the cold cathode fluorescent backlights of monitors I read in the
Wikipedia encyclopedia under Cold Cathode that some ccfls use a source of
beta radiation to start the ionization process. I f this is the case then
could LCD televisions expose us to beta or gamma radiation. I should like to
replace my CRT TV with a LCD TV, but the thought of a radioactive material
being present causes me much anxiety.

Looing forward to your informed response,

Julia Howard
email: juliarachel_howard at yahoo.co.uk
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