[Beowulf] HDTV video file sizes

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Tue May 29 09:57:10 PDT 2007

>> Does anyone know who much data 1 hr. of HDTV produces? Let's try 720 for
>> now and perhaps 1080. I'm looking for the file size if you store the whole 
>> thing
>> in a single file.
> Well, I didn't have any idea ten seconds ago, but now I know that one
> hour should be roughly 3 GB.  (So a movie should be 5-6 GB.)

hmm, that's normal DVD, isn't it?  the newfangled flavors (BD, etc)
seem to be 5-10 higher capacity.

compressed data rates appear to be 20-50 Mbps (lower than 20
probably doesn't count as HD.

funny how all the HD stuff seems very fuzzy ;)

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