[Beowulf] Network considerations for new generation cheap beowulfcluster

Larry Stewart larry.stewart at sicortex.com
Tue May 22 07:13:12 PDT 2007

Robert G. Brown wrote:

> On Tue, 22 May 2007, Larry Stewart wrote:
>> What would the advantages of a diamond lattice be?  In terms of 
>> bisection and diameter?
>> Ease of wiring?
> Four ports per system, probably, in a 3d lattice.  3d is good because
> the volume (number of hosts) scales like the maximum number of hops
> between hosts cubed.  

Ah.  I see that.  I looked at the diamond lattice picture in


and it did make my head twinge.

With Kautz or deBruijn graphs, you get an exponential number of nodes, 
for node degree
k >= 2, and diameter (hopcount D) you get O(k**D) nodes.  However, you 
don't get any
obvious mapping of 2D or 3D problems to the graph.   You could do this 
with two
NICs per node, if you can send the transmit data and the receive data to 
different places.

Of course even on BlueGene/L they use simulated annealing to map the 
problem to the
machine, because the obvious mapping is often not the best one.
See "Optimizing Task Layout on the BlueGene/L Supercomputer" in IBM JSRD 
March 2005.


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