[Beowulf] Quick question... on Fortran

Brian Dobbins brian.dobbins at yale.edu
Thu May 10 11:09:58 PDT 2007

>From one Fortran averse person to another:

Using the PGI compilers (at least as of 6.0, but 7.0 is out now and does
the same), you can allocate at -least- up to 32GB in an array with Fortran
on 64-bit systems.  I say at least because I don't currently have more
than 32GB on any of my nodes.  :)

The way to do this is to use the 'mcmodel=medium' option and to promote
integers to 8-byte values (for indexing the entries in this array) with

(For example: 'pgf90 -mcmodel=medium -i8 test.f90 -o test.exe')

Of course, if you want to try this yourself, Robert, I'm happy to let you
log in and give it a shot for the sole pleasure of seeing you touch
Fortran code.  ;)

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