[Beowulf] Off Topic: Job Opening (Cluster Admin)

Jess Cannata jac67 at georgetown.edu
Wed May 9 14:19:14 PDT 2007

I am posting this for a friend. The group runs a couple of Beowulf 
clusters and is located in Baltimore. For more information, contact Alex 
MacKerell. His contact information is out the bottom of the e-mail.



POSITION TYPE: Exempt Position, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences / 
School of Pharmacy

FUNCTIONAL TITLE: Systems Programmer

DESCRIPTION:  This position provides system administration for both the 
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PSC) and Pharmaceutical Research 
Computing (PRC) of the Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services 
Research in the School of Pharmacy.  This position will maintain all the 
computational resources, facilitate their replacement and help direct 
expansion of the scientific computing capabilities of both the PSC 
department (80%) and PRC (20%).

The research programs within PSC department involve an extensive amount 
of scientific computing. Accordingly, the PSC department has a variety 
of computing, storage, and backup systems.  These include a 48 processor 
Linux cluster running 2.8 GHz Athlon processors, an Opteron cluster with 
25 dual core 2.4 GHz Athlon Opteron nodes, a 32 processor Linux cluster 
running 2.4 GHz Athlon Opertons, 4 MacIntosh and one Windows PC, 15 
Linux-based workstations, multiple color HP laser printers, a 2.5 
Terabyte RAID storage system including 4 dual processor 2.8 GHz Althon 
nodes along with tape backup (Amanda) and an additional 2.5 Terabyte 
RAID storage system.  These resources include workstations that connect 
to the departmental NMR and X-ray spectrometers.   

The research programs within PRC primarily involve data management and 
analytic computing.  The PRC owned computer system consists of Solaris 
and Linux based servers, Network Area Storage devices, and peripheral 
tape (DLT) readers.
Responsibilities will include insuring the security of the local 
scientific computing environment, user account management, direction, 
maintenance and upgrades of system hardware and software, including 
end-user scientific application software, as well as the management of 
any backup systems.  
REQUIREMENTS: Requires at least 4 years of appropriate education, 
experience and/or training with networked centrally operated and 
supported computing systems.
The ideal candidate will be very familiar with operating systems 
commonly used in scientific computing (Unix, Linux, Irix, Solaris), 
Amanda backup system and related-technologies including multiprocessing, 
distributed computing and networking (e.g., NFS). The individual should 
also be very comfortable connecting these systems to each other as well 
as PCs based on the Windows and Macintosh OS X platforms. The position 
will require familiarity with contemporary TCP/IP networks and their 
HIRING RANGE: $55,000 to $75,000 (Commensurate with education and 
Contact Alex MacKerell for more information
alex at outerbanks.umaryland.edu

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