[Beowulf] Syslog Server-Traffic

Eli Stair estair at ilm.com
Wed May 2 13:30:41 PDT 2007

If you engineer the config well, you won't have any significant amount of 
"insignificant" traffic.  Whether your situation is vulnerable to minute amounts of 
traffic and client-side processing of packets sent is site-specific.

Using syslog-ng (or several other options), you can configure the compute nodes to 
only send log messages you want to be aware of (or restrict from sending known 
messages you don't want logged), as well as doing rate-limiting to avoid spamming 
your network/logserver in the event of a typical freak-out event.


Chris Vaughan wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm researching setting up a cluster and I'm curious as to whether or
> not it's a good idea to set up a syslog server.   The question I have
> is whether the traffic created from logging is going to slow down my
> network to the point of poor performance?  What are peoples
> experiences with logging.  The cluster will have a management network
> and a computational network.
> This is what I'm thinking:
> Greater than 64 Nodes, Yes.
> Greater than 64 and less than 128, Maybe?
> Greater than 128 No
> Any input would be great, Thanks!
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> Christopher Vaughan
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