[Beowulf] Please help test compiler/hardware issue

Orion Poplawski orion at cora.nwra.com
Thu May 3 15:48:46 PDT 2007

Okay, I have a test case for the problem I reported before that I've 

We have two pairs of identical machines:

- 2 Tyan S2882 Dual Processor 244 stepping 10
- 2 Tyan S2882-D Dual processor dual core Opteron 275 stepping 2

The attached code when compiled with the Portland Group Fortran compiler 
with -O2 and run on either of the 244's will abort in random locations:

[orion at coop00 rams.debug]$ pgf95 -O2 -o testatob testatob.f90
[orion at coop00 rams.debug]$ ./testatob
  checkatob abort n=       246500 , i=         4685  a(i)=    8712085.
   b(i)=    8465585.
[orion at coop00 rams.debug]$ ./testatob
  checkatob abort n=       246500 , i=       145817  a(i)=    9592717.
   b(i)=    8853217.

[orion at coop01 rams.debug]$ time ./testatob
  checkatob abort n=       246500 , i=       118169  a(i)=    9565069.
   b(i)=    8825569.

real    0m31.842s
user    0m16.476s
sys     0m0.060s

Haven't seen it run longer than 1 minute yet.

However, it runs fine on the 275's (or at least I haven't seen it crash 
yet).  It also runs fine on the 244's when compiled with -O1.

So, I guess this points to a hardware issue, but it may be a somewhat 
generalized hardware issue.  I'd love to hear reports on other 
(particularly other Tyan S2882 dual 244's) systems.

Orion Poplawski
Technical Manager                     303-415-9701 x222
NWRA/CoRA Division                    FAX: 303-415-9702
3380 Mitchell Lane                  orion at cora.nwra.com
Boulder, CO 80301              http://www.cora.nwra.com
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