[Beowulf] fast file copying

Felix Rauch Valenti felix.rauch.valenti at gmail.com
Thu May 3 01:06:04 PDT 2007

On 03/05/07, Alan Louis Scheinine <scheinin at crs4.it> wrote:
> One possibility is nettee.
> http://saf.bio.caltech.edu/nettee.html
> The current version of nettee is 0.1.7, from July 20,2005.
> nettee is a network "tee" program.  It can typically transfer
> data between N nodes at (nearly) the full bandwidth provided by the switch
> which connects them.  It is handy for cloning nodes or moving large
> database files.

As a related side note: If the bandwidth you get is not what you
expect, it may well be that your switch is bad (or that your disks are
slow). That was my experience a couple of years ago, so we implemented
a switch benchmark called "Switchbench", that helps to identify the
bandwidth bottleneck in a network.

- Felix

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