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exponential graph haters avert your eyes.  all other check out this
pasted below, general highlights

General highlights from the Top 500 since the last edition

All changes are from November 2006 to June 2007:

 * The entry level to the list moved up to the 4.005 TFlop/s mark on the
Linpack benchmark, compared to 2.737 TFlop/s six months ago.
 * The last system on the list would have been listed at position 216 in
the last TOP500 just six months ago. This is the largest turnover rate
ever seen in the 15 years of the TOP500 project.
 * Total accumulated performance has grown to 4.92 PFlop/s, compared to
3.54 PFlop/s six months ago and 2.79 PFlop/s one year ago.
 * The entry point for the top 100 increased in six months from 6.65
TFlop/s to 9.29 TFlop/s.
 * A total of 289 systems (57.8 percent) are now using Intel processors.
This is slightly up from six month ago (261 systems, 52.5 percent) and a
represents a typical fraction recently seen for Intel chips in the
 * The AMD Opteron family, which passed the IBM Power processors six
month ago, remained the second most common processor family with 105
systems (21 percent) down from 113 systems (22.6 percent) six month ago.
85 systems (17 percent) use IBM Power processors down from 93 systems
(18.6 percent) six month ago.
 * Dual core processors are the dominant chip architecture. The most
impressive growth showed the number of systems using the Intel Woodcrest
dual core chips which grew in six month from 31 to 205.
 * Another 90 systems use Opteron dual core processors up from 75 six
month ago.
 * 373 systems are labeled as clusters, making this the most common
architecture in the TOP500 with a stable share of 74.6 percent.
 * InfiniBand technology is strongly increasing its share to 127 systems
up from 78 six months ago. But Gigabit Ethernet is still the most used
internal system interconnect technology (207 systems, down from 211 six
month ago).
 * For quit some time, IBM and Hewlett-Packard sell the bulk of systems
at all performance levels of the TOP500.
 * IBM was ahead of HP since June 2004 but has lost the lead in the
number of system this time with 38.4 percent (down from 47.2) compared
to HP with 40.6 percent (up from 31.6).
 * IBM remains the clear leader in the TOP500 list in performance with
41.9 percent of installed performance (down from 49.5) compared to HP
with 24.5 percent (up from 16.5).
 * In the system category again no other manufacturer could break the 5
percent barrier, but Dell got very close with 4.8 percent.
 * In the performance category the manufacturers with more than 5
percent are: Dell (9 percent of performance), Cray (7.3 percent of
performance), and SGI (5.7 percent), each of which benefit from large
systems in the TOP10.
 * IBM (82) and HP (181) sold together 263 out of 269 systems at
commercial and industrial customers and have this important market
segment clearly cornered.
 * The U.S. is clearly the leading consumer of HPC systems with 281 of
the 500 systems. The European share (127 systems up from 95) recovered
and is again larger then the Asian share (72 down from 79 systems).
 * Dominant countries in Asia are Japan with 23 systems (down from 30)
and China with 13 systems (down from 18).
 * In Europe, UK has established itself as the No. 1 with 43 systems (32
six months ago). Germany has to live with the No. 2 spot with 24 systems
(19 six month ago).

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