[Beowulf] RE: programming multicore clusters

Toon Knapen toon.knapen at fft.be
Fri Jun 15 06:53:23 PDT 2007

"Interesting" because I found it a very enlightened argument/POV in this 
whole multi-core frenzy. I _certainly_ do not disagree, I do not know 
yet if I totally agree (see my mail on BLACS and GotoBLAS in this same 

My mail was actually not really intended for the whole beowulf-ml. I 
just found it shocking revealing and I think many multi-thread advocates 
would have a hard-time responding to such a clear statement.


Eugen Leitl wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 15, 2007 at 03:17:16PM +0200, Toon Knapen wrote:
>> Because of everybody going multi-core, everybody is pushing to go 
>> multi-threading to exploit these architectures (e.g. the gaming-world 
>> and many more). IIUC you're saying that MPI might better exploit these 
>> architectures? Interesting POV!
> Why "interesting"? Do you disagree that message-passing is the way to
> go, since shared memory doesn't scale?

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