[Beowulf] network raid filesystem

Jerker Nyberg jerker at Update.UU.SE
Thu Jun 14 02:10:16 PDT 2007


Here are some pointers to some free software distributed parallel file 
system projects. They have different goals and are in different stages of 
development, but most of them aiming for fault tolerance (mirroring). I 
recommend that you take a look at GlusterFS, although I havn't tried it 
myself yet.

Ceph <http://ceph.sourceforge.net>
     Early development.

Gfarm file system <http://datafarm.apgrid.org/>
     For grid computing.

GlusterFS <http://www.gluster.org/glusterfs.php>
     Computing clusters.

Hadoop file system <http://lucene.apache.org/hadoop/hdfs_design.html>
     Build your own search engine.

Lustre <http://www.lustre.org>
     Mirroring in roadmap for Q3 2008, but may use shared disks for fault
     tolerance now.

MogileFS <http://www.danga.com/mogilefs/>
     Intented for websites serving images, media etc.

PVFS2 <http://www.pvfs.org>
     May use shared disks for fault tolerance.

Jerker Nyberg.
Uppsala Sweden.

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