[Beowulf] MPI performance gain with jumbo frames

Paulo Afonso Lopes pal at di.fct.unl.pt
Wed Jun 13 16:00:33 PDT 2007

I can report a decrease of circa 10% CPU use per GbE link in an IBM x335
(dual Xeon 2.6GHz) with on-board Broadcom NICs and SMC switch, when going
from standard 1500 to 9K frames on the netperf benchmark, at full
bandwidth (circa 80MB/s).

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> Doug and Jeff have good points (and some good links).  On thing to
> also pay attention to is the CPU utilization during the bandwidth and
> application testing.  We found that on our cluster (various Dells
> with built in GigE NICs) while we did not see huge differences in
> effective bandwidth, the CPU overhead was notably less when using
> Jumbo Frames.
> Again, YMMV.
> Good luck,
> -bill
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