[Beowulf] xhpl and HPL.dat directory

aohara at haverford.edu aohara at haverford.edu
Tue Jun 5 11:47:28 PDT 2007


I'm working on benchmarking a recently installed cluster at Haverford
College and we've been using the hpl benchmark.  Currently, I've been
testing the performance of each individual node blade in an attempt to
look at bottlenecking in accessing the memory.  Since we have several
indentical nodes, it was be nice to have a different set of parameters
running on each node.  However, xhpl (installed in my home directory under
my account) will only look for the HPL.dat file in the top directory (i.e.
/n/home/aohara) and not in the same directory as a copy of the xhpl (for
example I put a submission script, xhpl, and HPL.dat in the folder
/n/home/aohara/newrun, but it runs the parameters of the file
/n/home/aohara/HPL.dat instead).  If anybody knows of a way to give a
directive about the location of HPL.dat to xhpl, that would be exteremely

Thank you very much,
Andrew O'Hara '09
Haverford College Physics Department

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