[Beowulf] MPI2007 out - strange pop2 results?

Ellis Wilson xclski at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 23 13:32:21 PDT 2007

Completely agreed.  The fact of the matter is that companies, who by nature are quite knowledgeable regarding their product, are very good references for problems, information, and benchmarks on their own product and certainly belong on the list.  I've personally been able to learn a great deal from intelligent, reserved members of this list, that just happen to be working for a company.  Did they use bias?  Probably, just as much as anyone naturally would.  But was it overt, or was there any mention to "marketing wars"?  No.
  I don't support misleading comparisons, but even moreso, I don't support companies having flame wars (regardless of who started it, ignore them if they are wrong) on a Beowulf list.  After all, in case we've forgotten, a Beowulf is supposed to be composed of free, open source software on Mass Market Commodity-Off-The-Shelf components.  This includes the network, and while obviously, if you have the money available, using a faster, more expensive network is great, there are many of us who don't and can't.
  Thanks for your respect and mutual concern for the enjoyability of this list,

John Hearns <john.hearns at streamline-computing.com> wrote:
  Gilad Shainer wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> I believe that your company is using this list for pure marketing wars
> for a long time, so don't be surprise when someone responds back.

Quite a lot of companies post to this list.
People from Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Qlocig/Pathscale, Myricom,
Scalable Informatics and, yep, Streamline.
And someone from Duke quite a lot.
That's what makes this list interesting.
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