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Jim Lux James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Jul 18 14:04:39 PDT 2007

At 01:28 PM 7/18/2007, Joe Landman wrote:

>>Here's the breakdown... hours per person per year
>>for year 2004
>>Filmed Entertainment:
>>Cable and Satellite TV  1010
>Whoa... 1010 hours?
>Thats 11.5% of a day, every day, watching cable tv ...  3 hours.

That's quite plausible (sad, but plausible)

>>Broadcast TV 782
>8.9% of the day watching broadcast TV (2.1 hours)
>>Consumer Internet 189
>I wonder what this means ...

I think that's seeing filmed entertainment via internet (youtube and the like)

>>Home Video 78
>>Box Office 13 (e.g. movies and live theater)
>>Interactive TV 3
>>Subtotal 2075
>Uh... I must be wayyyyy behind in my entertainment quota.  Will the 
>entertainment police stop by and force me to watch Oprah?

>>Broadcast and satellite radio: 1035
>Er... Another 3 hours per day.

Easy, if you have a commute or listen to background music.

>>Recorded music 180
>>Daily Newspapers 169
>>Consumer Magazines 118  (obviously, this doesn't include reading Trans ACM)
>>Consumer Books  107
>>Video Games     71  (which seems low to me, but perhaps its 
>>strangely defined)
>>Subtotal 1680
>>These were summarized in a presentation I got a few years back, but 
>>they're based on data (in part) from a source like this:
>>which has 2006 numbers..
>ummmm  someone (mpaa cough cough) is *seriously* overestimating some things.
>>Take a look at slide #49
>>Now, clearly, these numbers are used as marketing stuff for filmed 
>>entertainment, so they're going to try and show as much film and as

But of course...

>Ok, I am just caught up with how wrong their data seems.  I have 
>internet radio on in the background while I code/think... does that 
>make it 16 hours a day I consume things?

Sure enough, it does.  Thank you for doing your part to keep the average up.

>Am I alone in thinking these numbers are screwy?  Or I am so far 
>behind in my own self-entertainment quota that a month long vacation 
>is mandated with a force fed diet of DRM protected movies, radio, ...

I would venture to guess that the average list member is not 
representative of the average media consumer.  Consider, for 
instance, that 100 odd hours per year reading books.  I probably 
spend half that in the bookstore and library just deciding which books to read.

And, of course, all those nights when I curl up with RGB's clustering 
handbook in front of the fire with the cat on my lap don't count, 
because that's not really a "consumer book".

But you're right, you're not pulling your weight in keeping the 
entertainment industry going.  Since I am a former participant in 
that industry, I can only say that I think you need to get cracking 
and start consuming entertainment media.

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