[Beowulf] Sidebar: Vista Rant

andrew holway andrew at moonet.co.uk
Wed Jul 18 08:11:45 PDT 2007

On 18/07/07, Joe Landman <landman at scalableinformatics.com> wrote:
> andrew holway wrote:
> > Linux still falls short in the desktop market. As a novice home user
> I disagree with this statement.  I have been using Linux on a laptop for
> the last 7 years, and it works just fine in this paradigm.

With respect, you are hardly a novice home user. I use linux because
it suits my needs far better than anything else. Because I am a geek

It must be remember that us geeks are a very small percentile of the
userbase. Weird and wonderful error messages make our hearts race with
excitement. They scare the s**t out of most people.

Stability is key.

The true battle ground is the home market. business managers will
still buy Microsoft because they use it at home, their staff use it at
home, its easy and (excluding vista) for the most part, it works! The
only thing stopping mac from dominating is the high price tag. They
are keeping it as an exclusive luxury product.

> [...]
> > If the apple desktop was ported to linux i think Microsoft would be
> Allow me to take a contrarian view.  I don't see OSX desktop as being
> particularly good.  I found, when I tried to use it, that it felt as
> restrictive as some other UI.  It has lots of eye candy, and yes, this
> appeals to some folks.  Hey, I like Beryl, but it drives up power
> consumption.  So I disable it.

For the novice home user, its probably the best windows manager out there.
it really does just work!!

> > dead in the water. Gnome is crap and kde is buggy.
> Gnome is pretty good, and KDE is reasonable.  The latter is a memory
> hog.  The former has some parts that are best left out.  All in all I
> find modern Gnome quite good.  Much better than XP
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