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Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Tue Jul 17 13:42:30 PDT 2007

On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Tony Travis wrote:

> Do you really think that Condor is an alternative to openMosix?
> I don't know much about Condor, but I thought is was a DRM (Distributed 
> Resource Manager) like SGE. Is it more than that?

I don't know for sure how functional it is as a OM alternative in
reality, but according to its (copious!) documentation, it should be
pretty good.  It basically appears to be a mix of scheduler, DRM, and
migration/checkpointing tool, with the latter fairly recent.  For an
application to migrate, apparently you have to link it to a
condor-supplied checkpointing library (but little else).  I'm guessing
that this library "wraps" all the relevant systems calls so that they
can be sent a signal, save their state information, and encapsulate into
a migration package that actually moves (much as doubtless happens with
Mosix, but in userspace instead of kernel space, which is actually

Now that Condor has a better license (basically an open source license,
although their primary distribution site still has a lot of nonsense on
it) I think it is worth giving a try.  Rumor has it that a lot of groups
running grid-like computers favor it for resource control etc.  This is
indeed the EP application crowd.

I keep planning to try it myself one day soon, but I'm pretty busy with
ongoing projects and just don't have time.  There is a condor VM you can
download for free from VWware -- that and the player might let you
experiment some with minimal personal time lost building software an so


> The great thing about openMosix is that most 'ordinary' programs migrate. 
> I've thought about using openSSI previously: What's your opinion about that 
> for 'embarrassingly' parallel computation?
> Best wishes,
> 	Tony.

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