[Beowulf] Sidebar: Vista Rant

Peter St. John peter.st.john at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 14:03:38 PDT 2007

RGB asks, "...On my nice new dual core 2 GB laptop, Vista Home runs like --
what?  What is a
suitable metaphor for a system that can't even keep up with a moving mouse?

Jabba the Hutt. Evil, devious, immobile.

I'm reluctant to say that MSWin(any) is badly designed; OS's are designed
for purposes, and some purposes don't suit some of us. Unix was designed for
development. Mac for usability. VMS for data processing. Tandem for
fault-tolerance. Microsoft for Market Share.

MS is really really sucessful at it's design target. People are willing to
say that Vista is not worth getting, but they said that about Win2000 also.
Correct was to keep 98 & NT and wait for XP.

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