[Beowulf] Watts Up Pro

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Fri Jul 13 22:08:01 PDT 2007

> graphs power usage. Does anyone have one, and can you access the data
> sans Windoze program? Are there any other cheap logging power meters?

I covet this product, perhaps even enough to loosen the old purse strings.

here's the product page:

and the description of their USB (serial over-) protocol:

kudos to them for documenting the protocol!

> I see some that are battery powered and have Windoze programs, ideally
> it would be powered by USB and readable from Linux, so you could leave
> it plugged in your cluster...

I've used 1-wire (dallas) before.  the cluster I sit next to reports 
>2000 temperature sensors, so haven't felt the urge to add any.
it _would_ be pretty neat to instrument the chillers, to calculate 
the heat load on each, etc.

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