[Beowulf] Orion Multisystems DS96

rcd2951 at satx.rr.com rcd2951 at satx.rr.com
Tue Jul 10 19:46:43 PDT 2007


My name is John Pearson.  I work for the US Air Force in San Antonio,
Texas.  My organization recently inherited an Orion Multisystems DS96
personal cluster.  I was told that the device was not fully populated
with HDDs for each node, however after opening the system, we found each
of the 8 processor boards had 12 40 GB HDDs, long with full RAM
complement.  I was also told we could access each node's HDD
independently,which is critical for our application.

I am hoping someone on this list has one, or experience building &
operating one.  I am alo hoping someone will have some ideas as to where
to get spare parts if needed.

I can be reached via this list or at john.pearson at lackland.af.mil


John T. Pearson, Jr.
Senior C3ISR/EW Modsim Engineer

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