[Beowulf] passing f90 module data to C with PGI

Weikuan Yu weikuan.yu at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 12:52:47 PDT 2007


Anybody has experiences in passing f90 module data to C functions, when 
using PGI compilers? I am sharing a long list of module parameters from 
different f90 modules to a C function. It now looks quite awkward with 17 
parameters. But I do not want to combine all of them as COMMON blocks though.

I am only able to find some information about doing such things (prefixing 
with module name), using intel compiler or HP fortran 90. But this approach 
of prefixing variable names with the module name does not seem to apply on 
my environment with PGI compilers. I am exactly not sure if this is a 
compiler issue.

Weikuan Yu

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