[Beowulf] RE: Beowulf Digest, Vol 41, Issue 2

A Lenzo alenzo at mail.rochester.edu
Mon Jul 2 12:45:06 PDT 2007


Hello all,

Thank you to Everybody who has been helping with my NFS/NIS setup.  I am
very grateful.  Even though NIS may not be extremely secure, it seems a
decent solution for my small network which is, BTW, behind a firewall.  All
I need is a simple solution.  I have begun setting up NIS - to get it to
work, I changed the yp.conf file to the following:

domain nisbanjosrv server banjosrv
ypserver banjosrv

The problem is that every time I reboot, this file reverts to the following
code instead:

#generated by /sbin/dhclient-script
ypserver 128.??.??.4

Now, I can vi the file and fix it, but of course, I'd rather not have to do
it on every reboot. By the way, 128.??.??.4 is another Linux server on my
same network that probably uses NIS also. Don't know how or why this is
being picked up - but this new server (and the nodes it supports) will
ultimately have to be separate even though they will be on the same network.

I tried using chmod 444 on yp.conf in hopes that it would prevent the system
from overwriting it, but this has also not worked.

So the question is: how can I prevent yp.conf from being changed on every

Thanks all for any and all help,

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