[Beowulf] Resources for starting a Beowulf Cluster (NFS Setup?)

Buccaneer for Hire. buccaneer at rocketmail.com
Sun Jul 1 05:55:20 PDT 2007

> What about integrating rsync into the password
> scripts? Fundamentally, I
> don't trust NIS.

>From a security standpoint NIS is not secure and I
don't think anyone would tell you differently.  On the
other hand you don't normally place a cluster on an
unprotected network.

One of the clusters I manage globally is a tiny 34
node HP cluster (SMP dual-core Opteron though) which
is basically a single user cluster kept running at
almost 100% of capacity. There are enough changes
happening this morning that rsyncing, parallel copy,
etc just becomes onerous so I am turning on NIS today
for it.

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