[Beowulf] massive parallel processing application required

Jim Lux James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Jan 31 21:45:09 PST 2007

At 04:17 PM 1/29/2007, Mitchell Wisidagamage wrote:
>Hi all,
>  As part of my dissertation, I'm looking for "raw data" which will 
> be used for massive parallel processing using Beuwulf cluster (with 
> the use of PVM or MPI). I tried looking for e-science raw data (and 
> the computations required on it) such as bioinformatics, fluid 
> dynamics, etc. but without any luck.

An interesting computationally intensive task would be constructing a 
3-D model of a pot from multiple 2-d images of pot shards, especially 
if there are missing or extra pieces.

This would be quite a boon for archaeologists, who currently do it by 
hand, as a 3D jigsaw puzzle.

And, of course, it has almost no commercial value.. there are 
commercial archaeologists, but they don't get paid to reassemble broken pots.

A similar application might be to take a 3D tomographic image of a 
block of tar from the La Brea tarpits and extract all the bone 
images, and attempt to match them up.

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