[Beowulf] massive parallel processing application required

06002352 06002352 at brookes.ac.uk
Wed Jan 31 08:29:44 PST 2007

> the reason this is such a weird query is that parallel processing is 
> normally
> motivated by already having something that needs it.  I have a hard time
> imagining what work you've already done that has somehow managed to be not
> driven by having a compute-intensive job at hand. 

I have to come up with my own problem. I worked on a Beowulf cluster for
  my assignment and I quite liked it. And I'm interested in HPC.

> it's about like when people build a cluster as an end in itself, then 
>ask for advice on what to use it for.

That's true and it's embarassing. I liked working on the Beowulf cluster
and want to do project on "cluster computing" to solve a compute
intensive problem. So I know how I will go on implementing it but don't
know what I will implement. :o)

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