[Beowulf] massive parallel processing application required

John Hearns john.hearns at streamline-computing.com
Wed Jan 31 00:14:33 PST 2007

Mitchell Wisidagamage wrote:
> Hi all,
>  As part of my dissertation, I'm looking for "raw data" which will be 
> used for massive parallel processing using Beuwulf cluster (with the use 
> of PVM or MPI). I tried looking for e-science raw data (and the 
> computations required on it) such as bioinformatics, fluid dynamics, 
> etc. but without any luck.
> Anyone has any idea of getting some raw data so I can give compute 
> intensive "work" to the nodes?

   how about running the NIST Fire Dynamics simulation?
It simulates the spread of smoke and fire in buildings.
There are some sample input models for download.

The Smokeview program visualizes the output, which will be a nice 
demonstration for your tutor.

But why not just go across to the Oxford E-science centre?
I know for sure they have one cluster there for handling large datasets!
Ask them for help in getting a suitable dataset for your project.

Drop me an email if I can give you any advice, you're in my neck of the 

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