[Beowulf] Mouse pointer disappear

Ruhollah Moussavi Baygi ruhollah.mb at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 03:52:16 PST 2007

I have already established a Beowulf cluster with six nodes.

Each node with cpu AMD Athlon 64-bit X2 dual core 4200+,

motherb ASUS M2NPV-MX (chipset NVIDIA GeForce 6150 GPU, & NVIDIA nForce 430
MCP), graphic integrated in the NVIDIA GeForce 6



OS= FC5 64-bit

I use one mouse/keyboard/monitor, shared by KVM box

 I prefer to work in graphical mode of Linux rather than text mode. But, my
problem is that I cannot see mouse pointer in after Linux loading.

If anyone knows the solution, please give me help.

With best regards,
Ruhollah Moussavi Baygi
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