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Subject: [Fwd: GlusterFS 1.2-BENKI (GNU Cluster File System) - Announcement]

I wrote a mail to Beowulf list announcing GlusterFS cluster filesystem. It
was held for moderator approval and it has not happened yet. Is Becker
still moderating the list?. I see, you are regular poster to the list.
Thats why I am seeking your help. May be you can also forward this
announcement on our behalf.

Anand Babu
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Subject: GlusterFS 1.2-BENKI (GNU Cluster File System) - Announcement
From:    "Anand Babu" <ab at gnu.org.in>
Date:    Tue, January 23, 2007 6:14 pm
To:      beowulf at beowulf.org

GlusterFS 1.2-BENKI Public Announcement:

GlusterFS (GNU Cluster File System) is designed to scale to peta-bytes of
data and handle massive aggregated I/O bandwidth. GlusterFS is part of the
Gluster Project (GNU Clustering Platform) and has been released under GNU
GPL v2 (or later) license.

The current release of GlusterFS is running stable and performs
exceedingly well against NFS  please refer to benchmarks at
http://www.gluster.org/docs/index.php/GlusterFS_Benchmarks for
benchmark comparison.

The next release (1.3-BENKI) will have further enhancements such as
"ib-verbs", Infiniband RDMA transport, asynchronous I/O and epoll
leading to much lower latency and more POSIX correctness.

GlusterFS runs commodity storage hardware with GigE or Infiniband
interconnect. It is easy to setup GlusterFS. To get quickly started with
GlusterFS, simply follow the instructions at

GlusterFS download link:

Documentation link:

Please CC your discussions to gluster-devel (at) nongnu.org.

Happy Hacking,
Gluster Core Team.

Anand Babu
GPG Key ID: 0x62E15A31
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