[Beowulf] Re: SGI to offer Windos on clusters ---> Skew/Jitter paper

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Thu Jan 18 20:12:49 PST 2007

>>    "The Case of the Missing Supercomputing Performance"
> I wondered if you were talking about that paper but it's from lanl not sandia, it should be essential reading for everyone working with large clusters.

I love this paper.  but it's critical to realize that it's all about
very large, very tightly-coupled, frequent-global-collective-using
applications.  you could easily have a 2k-node cluster (I'd call it large)
dedicated to 1-to-100-core jobs and gleefully ignore jitter.  or be running
an 8k-core montecarlo that never needs any global synchronization, etc.

I'd actually love to see data on whether jitter affects apps 
other than ah, "stockpile stewardship" ;)

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