[Beowulf] SGI to offer Windows on clusters

Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Thu Jan 18 07:55:02 PST 2007

Robert G. Brown wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Jan 2007, Richard Walsh wrote:
>> Ashley Pittman wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2007-01-17 at 08:50 +0100, Mikael Fredriksson wrote
>>>> Yes, it is.  And more so if this cluster/LAN can also utilize som type
>>>> of "MOSIX" system.  This will substatially increase the throughput of
>>>> "standard serial" processes.
>>> I find this statement hard to comprehend, how can any OS substantially
>>> improve throughput of jobs unless what it replaces is incredibly
>>> deficient in some way?  The limiting factor on clusters is the speed of
>>> the hardware, even if some OS magically manages to be say 50% more
>>> efficient doing it's bit than another OS it's still only a tiny percent
>>> of time used, substantial improvements in job throughput can only come
>>> about from better parallel algorithms, better code or faster hardware.
>>    While I agree with this argument, especially at small scale, at 
>> very large scale operating
>>    system derived load imbalance (so-called skew, due to the random 
>> nature of system
>>    call driven interrupts) can destroy scalability, and thus 
>> efficiency. This is worth mentioning,
>>    although I would not expect Windows to improve on Linux in this 
>> context. You need
>>    a light-weight kernel like Catamount to reduce skew.
>>    There is a very good paper showing the effects of skew at scale by 
>> Kerberyson, et al from
>>    Sandia.
> It also isn't the point.  Nobody, and I mean nobody in this universe,
> analyzes and compares WinXX and Linux from a performance point of view.
     Robert that universe includes me ... ;-) ... I was only qualifying 
Ashley's statement about operating
     system impact on HPC cluster efficiency/performance.   The 
Windows/Linux cluster market analysis
     can  continue ...



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