[Beowulf] SGI to offer Windows on clusters

Douglas Eadline deadline at eadline.org
Thu Jan 18 07:43:22 PST 2007


>>My understanding of pricing (for the windows portion) is that it
>>adds (as an OS) $500USD to each node.  So for a 32 node machine,
>>this is an extra $16k USD "tax" added on.  Doesn't include the
>>absolutely necessary antivirus, anti-spyware, ...
> Probably wouldn't be that expensive, especially if you boot the same
> image on all nodes of the cluster.  Update one, update all.
> Site licenses for AV and AS software are heavily discounted from
> retail, as well.
> Is this Windows clustering version, too?

Here is a data point.

I just finished writing an article about the Tyan PSC
for Linux magazine. Actually have the demo model sitting
next to me. It has 10 quad-core Xeons, GigE, Infiniband,
a KVM all in small 21" x 14" x 28" (52.7 cm x 35.6 cm x 70 cm)
package (it weighs 150 pounds).

They are selling a optional five node version of WCCS for
$2,345 ($469/node)

About WCCS. I believe MS is concentrating on bundled applications
to sell the WCCS. I think they (and others) see a market for small
single application bundled clusters. The PSC will eventually hold up
to 40 cores and plug into a wall outlet. The OS requirements
for these types of systems is much different than a 128 node
(512P with dual core) multi-user HPC cluster.

i.e. Ask a person in an office setting what version of
Windows is running under Word and you get the idea.


>>   Calling all that roughly $4k USD (roughly $125/node), we are
>> looking at something closer to $20k extra per 32 nodes.  So for 128
>> nodes, this adds $80k USD.  For 1024 nodes, this adds $640k USD.
>>My question has been on the CBA side.  What do you get for that
>>extra tax that you don't get now?
>>Microsoft could simply be subsidizing this for SGI.  Others have
>>(cough cough) for them.
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