[Beowulf] SGI to offer Windows on clusters

Mikael Fredriksson mike at etek.chalmers.se
Tue Jan 16 23:50:08 PST 2007

Eric Shook wrote:
> I talked to our SGI rep about this yesterday and he told me they are not 
> really targeting "hard-core" university research where Linux/UNIX 
> already has a strong foot hold.  Instead this is for the Business sector 
> where simplified workflows and having easy HPC integration into an 
> already 100% Windows Infrastructure is more appealing.
> This was his take and it seemed reasonable to me.

Yes, it is.  And more so if this cluster/LAN can also utilize som type
of "MOSIX" system.  This will substatially increase the throughput of
"standard serial" processes.  But as stated in a previous thread, the
"hard-core" systems are fairly specialized.


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