[Beowulf] OT: Software RAID & Multipath

Alan Louis Scheinine scheinin at crs4.it
Wed Jan 10 01:48:54 PST 2007

I just did RAID once with mdadm and I noticed that everything
could be done with a command line.  If I recall correctly, there
is an option for having the current configuration written-out in
the syntax that can be used for mdadm.conf.  With regard to the
comment "it's generally just done with the mdadm --create
command lines I believe ..." I would like to point out that
creating an mdadm.conf after configuring would be useful for
recovery from a hardware failure.

Chris Samuel wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 January 2007 23:35, Leif Nixon wrote:
>> I suspect this is deprecated these days, but I have handled situations
>> like this by using the *MD* multipath support instead. Then you can
>> explicitly define your multipath devices and stripe them together, all
>> in /etc/mdadm.conf.
> I don't think it's deprecated at all, but I don't believe that mdadm.conf is 
> used like that these days, it's generally just done with the mdadm --create 
> command lines I believe..
> cheers!
> Chris

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