[Beowulf] Which distro for the cluster?

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Tue Jan 9 12:31:39 PST 2007

Buccaneer for Hire. wrote:
>> a) it isnt that good
>> b) it is attackable
>> c) it is being attacked
>> d) it is being attacked in a way you didn't consider
>> e) your super-duper-ultra-fantastic model X security
>> system on the door
>> does absolutely nothing for you if they come in
>> through the air duct.
> Or if they are already sitting at your kitchen table.

Yup.  My understanding is that some sizable fraction of threat comes 
from disgruntled (as opposed to gruntled?) employees.

I wrote later in that same post

>> Worse is when it is purposeful insider attacks.  You cannot protect
>> against all attack vectors, you can protect against destruction of data
>> or configuration.  Data theft is harder to protect against.

>> Perimeter defenses do little for the insider attacks.


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