[Beowulf] Which distro for the cluster?

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Sun Jan 7 13:25:17 PST 2007

Robert G. Brown wrote:

> Proving once again that Joe's company provides a valuable service,

Well thank you (the check will be in the mail :) )

> because companies like this fill in an important gap between e.g. FC and
> a customer's conservative needs.  However, I'll bet Joe is still just as
> vulnerable to the other problem -- customer wants to run commercial
> package X (which "requires" RHEL) but ALSO wants to run it on bleeding
> edge hardware.  I'll bet you really earn your keep on those ones...

... and some rather deep scars, traumatic head wounds, and related ... 
Still have most of my fingers ...

Humor aside, we have a little download area where we point our customers 
to (http://downloads.scalableinformatics.com).  Each file there usually 
represents a solved problem ... though some have caused problems on 
their own (the areca drivers and xfs bits for RHEL based distros are 
there ... I am loath to rewrite anyones initrd without asking them, 
nicely, and giving them a way to recover should it go horribly wrong ... 
I still want to come up with a good solution ... ).

>   ;-)
>      rgb


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